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Nicola Thost

Nicola Thost Pic Maja Manz
Your Name
Nicola Thost
Date of Birth
Best Results
Goldmedal Olympic Games Snowboarding Halfpipe
You in 3 Words
Ambitious, addicted to sports, visionary
Name a Hero
Everyone who follows their dreams
With 2 Million Euros I would …
Buy a wooden house in the mountains, a house right at the beach, flight tickets and a motorbike
The Perfect Trip
The Secret of Your Success
Discipline, passion and love
Why Dwarf8?
Because of the special “dram of luck”
You in 50 Years …
health with body, mind & soul
A Wish for the Future
Health with body, mind & soul
Your Secret Mission 2011
Playing on the racetracks with my Kawa Ninja