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We all know the story of the seven dwarfs. Now here comes Dwarf8, the one they only whispered about, born in the Alps and raised in Tarifa, the southern most spot of continental Europe.

Dwarf8 loves sport, a healthy life, being outdoors and he worships freedom.

Dwarf8 represents the passion of surfing the waves and riding the mountains, driven by the fascinating elements of wind and snow, always treating mother nature with respect.

Dwarf8 is the movement which unites all those who know, simply because they know from their own experience or because they dare to dream about it.

Dwarf8 is the lucky charm of world's leading athletes and passionate people, offering them the guidance to fulfill their secret missions.

Dwarf8 reveals its true soul in lots of ways, embodied in fashion, liquefied in a magic drink  and many other secret missions to come.

Listen up – The Singing Dwarf