Hero Dwarf

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The Drink

Created in the Alps and raised in Tarifa, the southernmost town of continental Europe, brewed to bring you all the luck you deserve!

It's new, it's fresh, it's exciting! And best of all, it's made for everybody, no restrictions intended! The hardest soft drink ever!

Dwarf8 is a slightly carbonated PREMIUM SPORTS REFRESHMENT. It's free of caffeine, taurine, alcohol and all other designed-to-blow-your-mind boosters. Because you deserve better!

The Magic

Many myths are told, many truths to unfold. Decide for yourself, what to believe!

Elder is supposed to protect you from evil spirits or from getting struck by lightning. It is also said to serve as a love potion. Witches and wizards built their brooms and magic wands from elder wood.

In the middle age students at the University of Palermo were taught that Ginger delays aging, improves virility and positively influences the state of mind.